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Temple of the Heart - Awakening To Unity Consciousness

An Introduction to Ascension 6 Week Course

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Weekly Classes
Event Date(s): 
Thursday, 24 January 2019 to Thursday, 28 February 2019
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Thursday 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Elizabeth Rudwick ~Interstellar Shaman Artist of Sacred Sound and Vision ~ invites you to join her in a group with Kindred Souls for Remembering Exploring and Sharing. 6 Evenings set in Shared Circle with Guided Journey Activation and Sound Healing. Connecting with Key Tools to assist in bringing in Crystalline Unity Consciousness, The Highest Light Vibration for both Individual and Universal Healing.

The 6 week evening course is open to all who want to explore, deepen and co-create their vision of their life. It is an Introduction to a Greater Deeper Lighter Awareness that we are all Divine Souls who chose to be reborn at this Crucial Time of Gaia and Humanity’s Evolution. It is both an exciting and challenging time to be alive in. It is part of each of our Souls DNA. It is within us all part of our Natural evolution and Divine Code to be more in Light and in Love. This Course will be a place to open up and explore through sharing our experiences so we can more easily open to Higher Vibrational States of Being and access our Creativity and Gifts. You will be given practical and experiential tools to assist in personal and universal Healing, which can be taken away and used as part of a personal practice and in groups.

Each week will build on from the previous one leading to the final evening. Each week Elizabeth will also be Channeling Sounding – Light Language Healing Energies Vibrations - from the Galactic Guides Council of Light - for Clearing away of Blocks and calling in Activations so that attendees can experience their Shift and progress. There will be time for sharing and each person will be invited to participate from where they are on their own journey. We will work with:-

Week 1. Meditation - Energy Management - Journey Work
Week 2. Sound Healing Channelling Light Language
Week 3. Kundalini Work - Chakra Work - Crystalline Light Body - Flower of Life - Earth Grid working with Archangels
Week 4. Connecting with Guides (specific for Ascension)
Week 5. Image and Word - We are all Oracles
Week 6. Past Lives - Lemuria Atlantis Egypt and Galactic Origins/StarSeed Origins

We are all Divinity Embodied in Physical Form.
Born of Gaia - Hearts birthed from the Sun.
Dancing on the Web of Creation.
We are hearing Gaia's and her children's call for Healing.
Feeling the Shift to live authentic lives truly as Co-Creators.
A Way of Being that holds Joyful Light Shining the way forward.
Sensing Celestial Beings focusing their energies to Mother Earth for Healing.
Remembering past lives when we were Healers Artists Seers Story Keepers.
Now is the time to gather meet in Sacred Space to Shine our Light together.
Awaken. Remember. Celebrate come together for Healing of All.
Being our true selves. Awakened to our Souls Calling.

Elizabeth was called by Spirit to teach and share her unique Journey where she awoke to being a StarSeed - a remembering of her Souls many incarnations not just in Gaia such as Egypt and Lemuria but many Star Systems and Galactic Realms. After 30 years of not creating images nor knowing of the potential of her voice her remembering propelled her into being a Channel of both Images and Sounding. This has also changed the focus of her 1:1 Healing Practice where she now works with people called to remembering their Soul Essence, Gifts, Origins and Calling and Life Purpose.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2019
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