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Sedna Gong Bath

at Clean Break, Kentish Town, London.

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Workshops and Talks
Event Date(s): 
Saturday, 28 October 2017
Day and Time: 
Saturday 7:00pm - 8:30pm

The sound of the gong is the channel of Pure Truth and whenever Truth is experienced healing occurs. When the Gong is played the sound vibrations immediately quiets the mind, allowing healing to occur. The gong's resonance is the very music of the spheres, the heavenly bodies of the universe. Each planet, moon and star is a gong emanating the divine sound of AUM in its variety of vibrational patterns. The Gong is the connection with All That Is sound and calls us back to our natural harmonic resonance. During the Gong bath people will experience deep Meditative states enabling relaxation and healing, where it is possible for the boundaries of the mind to dissolve as if floating among the Celestial Stars and/or the Ocean.

Sedna was discovered in 2005 by the Astronomers at MIT and is the furthest travelling celestial body in our Solar System. It orbits our Sun every 11,400 years. She was named after the Inuit Ocean Goddess who was human and then became divine giving birth to Whales and Dolphins of the Oceans. She is a protectress and her story is one of healing, redemption and forgiveness. Sedna has chosen this time to be seen helping us to release deep karmic wounds for healing for all.

The evening will start with relaxation and guided visualisation prior to the sound journey. No prior experience is needed just come with an open heart and mind ready to receive healing. You will be invited to lie on cushions rugs and blankets so the sound can bathe and carry you on your journey of healing.

Please bring your own rug/blanket as there are only a few supplied.

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Friday, 27 October 2017
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