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Intuitive Development Workshop 1

at Clean Break, Kentish Town, London.

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Workshops and Talks
Event Date(s): 
Sunday, 17 September 2017
Day and Time: 
Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm

Developing the Ability to Use Your Intuition to Help Others

This practical and experiential workshop will help those of you starting out on your intuitive journey and those of you already working with your intuition, to strengthen your intuitive senses, give mini intuitive readings to others and effectively manage your energy.

During the workshop you will learn how to safely prepare yourself and your energy to connect with your intuition - and make the best use of it in helping others. You will also learn how to tap into your intuition through using psychic senses or ‘clairs’ and where needed, learn how to clear the most common blocks to effectively tapping into your intuition.

We will explore why regular meditation is considered the foremost tool in developing your intuition and you will take away meditation practices to support your further development. With the use of a real time Aura imaging machine we will discuss how meditation can strengthen your ability to remain heart-centred and easily tune into your inner senses.

We will practice a range of techniques to help you focus on and receive intuitive information, for example, intuitive card, psychometry and energy readings. We will study the appropriate energy management techniques to help you feel energised, positive and clear whenever giving mini readings to others.

On the day you will also be given the opportunity to build your confidence and trust in your intuitive senses through offering mini readings to other students. In addition, with the aid of an Aura imaging machine you will receive a free report highlighting your strongest intuitive senses.

By attending this workshop you will learn to tune into your intuition, identify your strongest senses, practice appropriate meditation and energy management techniques and give mini readings to others. Each student will also take away a report on their own energy, chakras and intuitive gifts.

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Saturday, 16 September 2017
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