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Energy Management Workshop 2: Exploring and Clearing Cords and Thought Forms

at Clean Break, Kentish Town, London.

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Workshops and Talks
Event Date(s): 
Sunday, 25 June 2017
Day and Time: 
Sunday 10am to 5pm

In this, the second of three Energy Management Workshops, suitable for those who are sensitive, energetically open and who often feel drained for no apparent reason, we will explore the source and effect of two principle energy management challenges that we all face: cords and thought forms. With the use of a real time Aura imaging system, we will explore how our own and other’s thoughts, feelings and emotions can enhance or drain our energy and lower our vibration. Through exploring the ancient wisdom traditions, group discussions and a range of practical techniques we will learn how to clear negative though-forms, energetic cords, psychic vampires or psychic attack.

Everyone will take away a 3 page print out that will look specifically at your chakras and how energised and balanced they are.

Feedback from previous attendees:

Brilliant, Clear presentations and sensitive interpretations. Look forward to coming back for Workshop III. An extremely valuable experience, learned a great deal today

Very useful workshop with lots of practices and clear examples. In addition to the lovely tutors energy and guidance, who make you feel very comfortable

Very informative day, beautifully delivered. So much great information and you both have a great connection to people

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Saturday, 24 June 2017
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