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Autumn Equinox Sound Healing Ceremony

at Clean Break, Kentish Town, London.

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Workshops and Talks
Event Date(s): 
Friday, 22 September 2017
Day and Time: 
Friday 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Join Elizabeth for an evening Opening to the Doorway to the Mystery of Autumn Equinox. This evening we will gather in Sacred Circle to journey to that still point where we can find the inner Spark of Light that was planted there from Divine spirit. Standing at the cross-roads this is a powerful opportunity to seek answers we might have about who were are, where we are going and what our path is. We will take this time between the in and out breath. For Autumn Equinox is the time where day and night – light and dark are in perfect balance – for the word ‘Equinox’ comes from Latin meaning ‘Equal Light’. Autumn Equinox is mid-point in the cycle of the Sola Sun – the Source of all Life it is a time to embrace the eternal Now and open up to Conscious Choice – to be more fully Co-Creators. To embrace the inner light as we plant seeds for the next year. And so we more fully harmonise, we align the polarities both inwardly and outwardly finding the Balance within and so creatively manifesting outwardly. Autumn Equinox is a powerful time to fully acknowledge your Path of Awakening. It is a time to pause and take a breath. It is a time for reflection.

This evening is open to all. No prior experience of circle work is required. The evening will start with a Guided Journey Activation where we will be working the Four Quarters of Earth Air Fire and Water and their corresponding Archangels focusing on Uriel Archangel of Earth who is the key to the Mysteries of Gaia - Sandalphon protector of Gaia and Sound Healing - Metatron who works with the Flower of Life Light Grid. We will work sending Healing to our Chakras focusing on Universal Heart, Earth Star and Soul Star. Following this Journey Activation we will then move into a shared Sounding where Elizabeth will invite the Circle to join her in Channelling and Sounding Light and Healing.

A few drums and rattles will be provided – please bring your own if you have a frame drum or rattle. Please bring your own rug/blanket as there are only a few supplied.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017
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